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Vernon 250-549-1994

It’s Your Look!

You’re young at heart, no matter what your driver’s license says. Adventurous. Ready for the new you. You’re the discerning client looking for that perfectly tailored cut or the latest trend out of New York. You want a colour that looks effortless and a style suited just for you, and you want it done in a creative and pampering space.

hair model



We believe in perfecting our craft through our dedication to excellence and by mentoring our peers—not to mention seeking out the finest education from around the globe. We believe that we must be forward thinking and bring you the latest technology and techniques.

We believe visiting us should be a sensory experience—the superior shampoo, the perfect music, and cleanliness that is next to amazing. Not to mention a menu of beverages and treats to tempt you.

Visit us at our Vernon salon—we look forward to seeing you at your next appointment!

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